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上海油压工作室  Now, our living conditions more and more high, the environmental protection consciousness is more and more poor.


  Everyone in the school pays much attention to health, the ground a piece of paper scraps, a piece of peel, a waste bottles are conveniently pick up, processing and classification, this much good!

  But outside, everybody had changed. Lots of things to eat anywhere throw. By bus, eating snacks, threw it into bags. What paper bowl, beverage bottle, and the skin sunflower seeds, want to throw them. The bus drove past, leaving a scenery line of garbage.

  Say again let's road along the river park. There was a tree-lined, charactizing a fine spring day. Today, so I can smell a strange smell. Approached a look, floating on the river some trash bags, convenient bowl, not many name of garbage, how the unchanged smelly! More let a person can't imagine that someone broke the river railing chain deliberately, how dangerous! The children walk also shake, more attention point.

上海油压工作室  Park is also a good place to go for a walk along the river, but Jiang Po edge is often the cattle eat grass there freely, defecate indiscriminately, attracted a lot of flies and bugs, disgusting. You walk tired, want to have a rest, but the road of four legs stone benches into three legs, stagger, garbage better stool, call a person how to sit?

  Still another is not beautiful place, some ads posted everywhere, even on the telegraph poles, on the sidewalk with colorful paint brush an advertiser's contact phone number, looking at is not pleasing to the eye. These are known as "city psoriasis" phenomenon, who for a treat!

  Just turn a turn to the street, can't see too many beautiful place, this is the result of a people unconsciously. The Olympic Games is coming, if you still do not pay attention to the environment, will be foreign friends made fun of.

  Protection of the environment depends on everybody, we must start from oneself, all hands to protect our homeland.

上海油压工作室  现在,我们的生活条件越来越高,可环境保护意识却越来越差了。

上海油压工作室  大家在学校里十分注意卫生,地面一片纸屑、一块果皮、一个废瓶罐都随手捡起,并分类处理,这多好啊!



上海油压工作室  沿江公园也是散步的好地方,可是江坡边常有牛儿自由地在那里吃草,随地大小便,引来许多的苍蝇和臭虫,真恶心。大家走累了,想休息一会儿,可路边四条腿的石条凳变成三条腿,东倒西歪的,好点儿的凳上有垃圾,叫人怎么坐啊?





  Now the earth is yellow and the green is decreasing. What's going on here? It turns out that people are cutting down trees, which not only causes the birds to lose their home, but also causes the collapse, the flood and so on. Without trees, our earth would seem to be missing a supporting beam.

  Now each store all follow our hobby, mass production soda, and soda "appearance" is the jar and jar is a kind of pollution, the road, the park even schools have become their home. The cans are made of aluminum, which is also harmful to the human body.

上海油压工作室  You know what? Waste batteries contain a lot of heavy metal pollutants - chromium, lead, mercury, etc. The effects of pollution from used batteries are slow and profound. When they are mixed with ordinary household waste, under certain conditions, will produce a series of chemical reactions, slowly releasing toxic substances, these toxic substances atmospheric pollution when burned, seeping into the underground pollution of groundwater and rivers and lakes; Once in the soil water, it will enter the body through the food chain, damaging the nervous system, hematopoietic function, kidneys and bones. Therefore, it belongs to hazardous waste. Experiments show that a mercury battery pollutes more than one person's lifetime total.

  Before the river bottom, can see Derek fisher, now the factory in order to improve the efficiency, they put the stream discharge sewage as a good place, river sewage got dirty, passing pedestrians were quickly leave.

  To conserve water is to protect our environment, which is to save resources. We want to own practical action to protect the environment, the most simple is to start from oneself, pay attention to save water, such as: use after the tap turn off the tap at any time; Water the washing water with water, rinsing and flushing. Don't think that a few drops of water in a water bridle can't make a difference. A water bridle drops a drop of water every second, and a year is a waste of 36 square water. If a family saves one person per month, how much water is saved in a month?

  Fortunately, people have learned the earth now to be polluted, everyone has to act, I hope people who didn't act, they bent and picked up the paper on the ground, a low back, let us tomorrow is more beautiful, neat!


  My hometown is a beautiful small village, my father said that the original home of hanging about the village, is full of trees behind the house, lush and green all the year round, there is a small river east village, the water crystal clear, fish, the sky was crystal clear.

  The few families lived in the village, the life is comfortable, but I don't know since when, the environment began to deteriorate. Say we river first, she was now the sewage river, there is a paper mill in the waste water into the river, the river with a layer of white foam, stinking, former aquatic plants and the fish disappeared, flowers reflection of the river was gone. Dad said the river but he was a child often play place, now people here to hurry past, wu hold its mouth. The river when you are sad all the day.

上海油压工作室  The earth is our home, a good environment is the premise of our happy life. In order to our survival homeland to sweet and comfortable, I put forward three Suggestions:

  The industrial wastewater emissions don't, best can recycle after unified handling.

  Second life garbage recycling, in order to reuse. Called on people to care for the environment, and in some poor hygiene area eye-catching warning label.

上海油压工作室  Three to supervision and control of air pollution, especially for those emissions exceed the chimney rectification within a time limit.

  Around us there are many people environmental protection consciousness, I hope more people join the ranks of environmental protection, let the home environment is becoming more and more good.


上海油压工作室  村里住着百十户人家,日子过得都还舒适,可是不知从什么时候开始,环境开始恶化了。先来说说我们的小河,她现在简直成了污水河了,岸边有家造纸厂在往河里排放废水,河面上泛着一层白白的泡沫,臭气熏天,昔日的水草和鱼儿不见了,鲜花倒影的河面不见了。爸爸说河边可是他小时候经常玩耍的地方,现在过往这里的人行色匆匆、捂嘴掩鼻。小河终日愁眉不展。

上海油压工作室  地球是我们的家园,美好的环境更是我们开心生活的前提。为了我们生存的家园能够温馨舒适,我提出三条建议:

上海油压工作室  一工业污水不要随意排放,最好能够统一处理后循环使用。





  our lives. Americans, for example, have to cut down on the number of their total cars.They are encouraged to use bicycles, which are thought to help keep the air clean.

上海油压工作室  But this change does not come easily. A large number of workers may find themselves without jobs if a car factory cioses down. Thus the problem of air pollution would become less important than that of unemployment. Although cars have led us to a better life, they have also brought us new problems.


上海油压工作室  We have only one earth.

上海油压工作室  It's cle[object Object]ar how important it is to take care of our earth.

上海油压工作室  However,nowadays the environment is being polluted badly,so we must take actions.

  For example,we should pick up the rubbish and throw it into dusbin.

  We should collect waste batteries.

  And we should use plastic bags as less as possible.

  In addition,we mustn't spit in public places.

上海油压工作室  Protecting the environment is our duty.

上海油压工作室  As a student,I will try my best and advise others to protect the environment together.

  I believe the earth will become more and more beautiful if everyone can make their effort.


  Today the quality of our natural environment has become an important issue. The world population is rising so quickly that the world has become too crowded. We are using up our natural resources and at the same time polluting our environment with dangerous chemicals. If we continue to do this, life on earth cannot survive.

  Concerned people have made some proGREss in environmental protection. Governments of many countries have established laws to protect the air, forests and sea resources and to stop environmental pollution.

  Still more measures should be taken to solve environmental problems. People should be further educated to recognize the importance(来自:WwW.CssYq.com 书业 网) of the problems, to use modern methods of birth control, to conserve(保存) our natural resources and recycle(再循环) our products. We are sure that we can have a better and cleaner place in the future.




  Protection of Environment

  1. 目前环保还存在着许多问题。

  2. 为了保护环境,3. 各国政府做了大量的工作。

  4. 我的看法。

  There are still many problems of environmental protection in recent years. One of the most serious problems is the serious pollution of air, water and soil. the polluted air does great harm to people’s health. The polluted water causes diseases and death. What is more, vegetation had been greatly reduced with the rapid growth of modern cities.

  To protect the environment, governments of many countries have done a lot. Legislative steps have been introduced to control air pollution, to protect the forest and sea resources and to stop any environmental pollution. Therefore, governments are playing the most important role in the environmental protection today.

上海油压工作室  In my opinion, to protect environment, the government must take even more concrete measures. Fi

上海油压工作室  rst, it should let people fully realize the importance of environmental protection through education. Second, much more efforts should be made to put the population planning policy into practice, because more people means more people means more pollution. Finally, those who destroy the environment intentionally should be severely punished. We should let them know that destroying environment means destroying mankind themselves.


上海油压工作室  目前环保还存在着许多问题。最严重的问题就是空气、水和土壤的严重污染。污染的空气对人类的健康十分有害。污染的水引起疼病,造成死亡。更有甚者,随着现代社会的迅速扩建,植被大大的减少。


上海油压工作室  我的看法是,为了保护环境,政府应当采取更具体的措施。首先,应当通过教育的方法使人们充分謒到环境保护的重要性。第二,应更加努力把计划生育政策付诸实施,因为人口多就意味着污染严重。最后,要严惩那些故意破坏环境者。使他们破坏环境就是毁灭人类自己。

  today the quality of our natural environment has become an important issue. The world population is rising so quickly that the world has become too crowded. We are using up our natural resources and at the same time polluting our environment with dangerous chemicals. If we continue to do this, life on earth cannot survive.

  Concerned people have made some progress in environmental protection. Governments of many countries have established laws to protect the air, forests and sea resources and to stop environmental pollution.

  Still more measures should be taken to solve environmental problems. People should be further educated to recognize the importance of the problems, touse modern methods of birth control, to conserve(保存) our natural resources and recycle(再循环) our products. We are sure that we can have a better and cleaner place in the future.




上海油压工作室  1. 世界人口越来越多,环境污染也随之严重。



  Environmental Pollution

上海油压工作室  With the explosion of population in the world, more and more poisonous waste is produced. As a resuit, a lot of rivers and lakes are polluted. In some areas, the air also becomes dirty and harmful. Consequently, animals and plants are endangered. And peopie's health is greatly affected.

上海油压工作室  Fortunately, more and more people have realized the serious situation. Many countries have passed laws to prevent the environment from being further polluted. People are working hard to find ways to keep the earth clean: they treat waste gases, protect water sources and purify waste water. Definitely, controlling the increase of population is one of the most efficient ways.

上海油压工作室  However, in future more efforts will be needed to win the battle against pollution, The laws controlling pollution must be strictly enforced, And above all, attention should be paid to the education of the people so that everyone will show his concern about environmental protection



  I’m Mike. I am a student in Huaxing Middle School. Do you know the plastic bags? Do you often use the plastic bags? I don’t like them. I think they use the wasting valuable oil their production. And they can’t decompose(分解) in a short time. The plastic bags will make our world worse. I agree with the rule, which people can’t get the free plastic bags in the shops, supermarkets. It encourages people to use their cloth bags and baskets. It’s good for our environment.

上海油压工作室  So I hope all the students in our class stop to use the plastic bags, and use our own cloth bags. I hope we can take care of our environment.

  Let’s make our world more and more beautiful.


上海油压工作室  所以我希望我们班的所有同学都停止使用塑料袋,并用自己的布袋。我希望我们能照顾我们的环境。

上海油压工作室  让我们让我们的世界变得越来越美丽。


  As you know,there's no enough clean water for people.So many of them lose their lives because of water.In a lot of

  countries,people have to cut trees for living.So there's nothing to keep water from running away.Also we have polluted the land,the river and the air.So we have to face more and more floods and droughts .

  It's time that we must do something useful to protect our environment.We can plant trees and take good care of them.We can save the water and ask our parents to do so.We can't throw any litter onto the ground and we should collect them for recycling.

上海油压工作室  If we take good care of our earth today,it will be more beautiful tomorrow


上海油压工作室  请根据下列提示,以Pollution为题,写一篇80词左右的短文。开头和结尾部分已经给出(列入总词数)。



上海油压工作室  有毒的废物



上海油压工作室  致人死亡、影响树木和蔬菜的生长


上海油压工作室  使人生病、耳聋、发疯


上海油压工作室  One of the most serious problems man is facing is pollution. The poisonous waste may do harm to the things around us. The air pollution can bring death to some people and kill trees and vegetables. Very loud noise can make people ill, hurt their ears or even drive them mad. So we have to realize the harm done to man by pollution. We must try our best to fight against pollution. I’m sure some day we’ll win the battle.


上海油压工作室  Environmental problems are becoming more and more serious all over the world. For example, cars have made the air unhealthy for people to breathe and poisonous gas is given off by factories. Trees on the hills have been cut down and waste water is being poured continuously into rivers.Furthermore, wherever we go today, we can find rubbish carelessly disposed. Pollution is, in fact, threatening our existence.

上海油压工作室  The earth is our home and we have the duty to take care of it for ourselves and for our later generations. Fortunately, more and more people have realized these problems. Measures have been taken to cope with these problems by the government. Laws have been passed to stop pollution. I hope the problem will be solved in the near future and our home will become better and better.