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旅游英语作文 篇1

上海油压工作室  Hello, everyone! Welcome to Dali City, and I'm sure you will enjoy a pleasant journey here. Indeed, Dali fails no visitors.

上海油压工作室  Located in the west of Yunnan Province, Dali enjoys a long and splendid history. For five hundred years, it served as the capital of Dali until the collapse of the empire.

上海油压工作室  Blessed with an agreeable weather, Dali offhrs a cozy home for a large variety of natural plants. For its superiority in natural condition, Dali earns such fame as "Orient Swiss" and "the city of Flower".

上海油压工作室  Dali has been widely praised for its attraction in natural beauty: Dali's fascination, however, does not end there. Standing in silence here are numerous ancient temples, steles, bells and towers, as the witness of the history of Dall and the proof of the wisdom and creativity of the Dali people.

上海油压工作室  Our journey here will cover most of the famous spots, making our schedule extremely tight. This afternoon, however, you may take a short rest to recover from the fatigue of such a long trip. After supper, we will have a tour in the city to unveil the glamour of Dali behind the curtain of night. There will be more excitements and enjoyments awaiting you in the days to come.

上海油压工作室  That is a brief introduction of our city: and, please DO feel free to ask questions if you have any.

  Thank you for your attention.

旅游英语作文 篇2

  On Development of Tourism

  With the opening and reform policy being carried out, thousands upon thousands of foreign visitors are crowding into our country. Tourism brings China a lot of benefits. First, it enablesitheChinese people to know more about the outside world and promotes frlendship and understanding. Second, it is financially beneficial to China, which needs more foreign currencies, for its modernization program.

  Tourism, however, gives rise to a number of problems. There are many uncivilized phenomenon in the tourist attractions.For instance, Some tourists spitting everywhere. As a result of overcrowding caused serious heritage-breaking.it also becomes a burden to our inefficient transportation system. Besides, the living standard of the average Chinese is still not high enough to be able to afford the many different sorts of expenses during long distance travels. Therefore, there are still a lot of obstacles hindering the expansion of tourism in our country.

  As for me, with the development of our national economy, all these problems will certainly be solved step by step. A much better and brighter future awaits us.

旅游英语作文 篇3

上海油压工作室  Spotlight on St.Petersburg

  St.Petersburg.The very name brings to mind some of Russia's greatest poets,writers and composers:Pushkin,Dostoevsky,Tchaikovsky.The 19th century was a golden age for St.Petersburg's wealthy classes.It was a world of ballets and balls,of art and literature,of tea and caviar.


  The golden age ended with the advent of World War 1.Working people were growing more and more discontented.In 1917,Communism came,promising peace and prosperity.


  St.Petersburg had become Petrograd in 1914.People wanted a Russian name for their city.Ten years later,the city's name changed again,this time to Leningrad.Then in 1991,Leningraders voted to restore the city's original name.Some people opposed the name change altogether.Others thought it was just too soon.Old,run-down Soviet Leningrad,they said,was not the St.Petersburg of 19th-century literature.


旅游英语作文 篇4

  Hello everyone! Welcome to Hainan province .I'm your tour guide , my name is Cherry. I'm so glad to stand here , today ,I will take you to a water city which named Boao.

上海油压工作室  Boao is a small town that located at the east of qionghai of Hainan province .It is 110 kilometers from Haikou .Of cause ,the symbol of the town is the site of Boao forum for Asia .So somebody will ask me ,why this small town was chosen by world leaders as the permanent site for Asian. From geography angle to see, the town is at the mouth of Wanquan river, it has the most beautiful scenery together with Long gun river and Jiuqu river .In Chinese traditional concept, it means on the top of the beautiful scenery, it could take a lot of good luck to China .

  On April 12th, 20xx.the first session was held in Boao, 20xx representatives and journalist took into the meeting. Since that time, Boao became the focus of Asia and the world .

  As scenic spot, Boao is famous for its Jade Belt Beach ,the beach is

  8.5kilometers long and the narrowest sand peninsula to separate the sea and river ,it also be listed in the Guinness World Record. Please look the beach over there, on one side is the smooth river, but on the other side are the vast waves of the sea. The beautiful scenery attract a lot of tourists every year, so do not forget to bring it to your memory .If you want to take photos , I will help you !thank you !

旅游英语作文 篇5



上海油压工作室  As the life quality improves, taking holiday is playing an increasingly important role in the life of Chinese people. In the past, much of Chinese peoples life was spent on making a living, so we were always denied the chances to go out for a vacation. Nevertheless, the rapid development in Chinese tourism as a result of a flourishing economy, which also leads to the rise of affluent middle class has seen an unprecedented boom in travelling. Chinese people not only choose to travel at home but also seek to embark on a foreign excursion. During the National Day period, the total tourism consumption reached over 40 billion yuan. It is estimated by the WTO that by 20xx, China will be the largest tourism country which will witness a rapid increase in the outbound tourism expenditures.

旅游英语作文 篇6

  Los Angeles,city in southern California,the most populous city in the state and the second most populous city and metropolitan region in the United States,after New York City.Located on the Pacific Ocean near the U.S.border with Mexico,the metropolis is noted for its pleasant climate and scenic setting.It is situated on a hilly coastal plain surrounded by beaches in the west and mountains and deserts in other directions.Referred to casually as “LA,” Los Angeles is one of the major industrial,commercial,and financial centers of the United States.

上海油压工作室  It is known especially for its motion-picture,aeronautics,and aerospace industries.This international,multicultural city is also home to the largest Mexican,Korean,Salvadoran,and Guatemalan populations outside of those countries.Los Angeles has grown at a phenomenal rate since the late 19th century.Since the 1920s it has been the leading city of California as well as the most important metropolis west of the Mississippi River.