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介绍厦门的英语作文 篇1

  With high-level teaching facilities and qualified teachers, students in XMU study very hard and they keep a positive attitude, which answer the questions why they learn much more than others no matter professional knowledge or working experience.Being famous for the beautiful natural scenery, Xiamen University provides students modern living facilities and leisure sports place where students can relax themselves after classes. In such a good university, no wonder it can attract such a great number of students coming from all directions of our nation and no wonder the students here enjoy their collage life so much.Then with our curiosity ,let's have a view at the Xiamen University.

介绍厦门的英语作文 篇2

上海油压工作室  Xiamen is a major city on the southeast coast of the People's Republic of China.It is administered as a sub-provincial city of Fujian province .

上海油压工作室  The local vernacular is Amoy,a dialect of Southern Min,also called Hokkien.Amoy is widely used and understood across the southern region of Fujian province as well as overseas.While it is widely spoken in and around Xiamen,the Amoy dialect has no official status,and the official language of all government business is Mandarin.

上海油压工作室  Xiamen and its surrounding countryside is known for its scenery and tree-lined beaches.Gulangyu,also known as Piano Island,is a popular weekend getaway with views of the city and features many Victorian-era style European edifices.Xiamen's Botanical Garden is a nature lover's paradise.The Buddhist Nanputuo Temple,dating back to the Tang Dynasty,is a national treasure.Xiamen is also famous for its history as a frontline in the Chinese Civil War with Taiwan over Jinmen (also known as Jinmen or Quemoy) 50 years ago.One attraction for tourists is to view Kinmen,a group of islands a few kilometres away and under Taiwanese control,from Xiamen island.

上海油压工作室  厦门是一个主要城市的东南海岸的中华人民共和国。它是福建省省级以下城市管理。



介绍厦门的英语作文 篇3

上海油压工作室  The University has a total campus area of over 538 hectares. The Main Campus on Xiamen Island has an area of 167 hectares; the Zhangzhou Campus is 171 hectares in area; and the Jimei Campus has an area of 200 hectares. Xiamen University's main campus is located in Siming District, southwestern Xiamen. Located at the foot of the green mountains, facing the blue ocean and surrounded by Xiamen bay. With green hills behind and the sea close by, the three campuses are set amidst delightful scenery and are generally recognised as one of the most beautiful campuses in China. the university also has campuses at Jimei and Zhangzhou. The Xiamen campus of Xiamen University is remarked as "the most beautiful campus in China". It is at the foot of mountain and beside the seashore, with two lakes within the campus and trees, flowers and green lawn everywhere. The beautiful and peaceful environment is very good for self-reflection.

介绍厦门的英语作文 篇4

  Xiamen University, located in Xiamen, Fujian province, is the first university in China founded by overseas Chinese. Before 1949, it was originally known as the University of Amoy. The university is one of many comprehensive universities directly administered by the Chinese Ministry of Education. In 1995 it was included in the list of the "211" Project for the state key construction; in 20xx it became one of China’s higher-level universities designated for the state key construction of the 985 Project.

上海油压工作室  In 1919, Mr. Tan kah kee, the well-known overseas Chinese leader, donated millions of dollars to establish and endow Xiamen University, officially founded in 1921. It is regarded as one of the most prestigious and selective universities in China.

上海油压工作室  Mr. Tan handed over Xiamen University to the government in 1937 due to lack of funds, and the institution subsequently became a national university.

  In 1938, at the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War, the university temporary relocated to Changting in Min Xi county, western Fujian.

上海油压工作室  At the end of World War II in 1946, Xiamen University moved back to Xiamen and resumed normal operations.

  In 1952, Xiamen University became a comprehensive university, and has been designated as a national key university since 1962. Then, in 1952 it became a comprehensive university embracing both arts and science. In 1963, it was designated as a state key university. In 1995, it was included in the list of the "211 Project" for the state key construction; in 20xx, it became one of China’s higher-level universities designated for the state key construction of the "985"Project.

介绍厦门的英语作文 篇5

上海油压工作室  Xiamen is an island city with a rich and dramatic history,replete with pirates,rebel leaders,and European merchants.Now linked to mainland Fujian by a causeway,Xiamen retains a strong international flavor.Known in the West as Amoy,Xiamen has a long history as a port city,and later became a center of British trade in the 19th century.Their foreign settlements,later taken over by Japanese invaders at the start of World War II,were established on the nearby small Gulangyu Island.Many of the old treaty-port and colonial buildings in Western styles survive.Xiamen was declared one of China’s first Special Economic Zones in the early 1980’s,taking advantage of the city’s heritage as a trading center and the proximity to Taiwan.Today Xiamen is one of China’s most attractive and best-maintained resort cities.Xiamen was founded in 1394 at the beginning of the Ming dynasty as a center of defense against coastal pirates.Its prosperity was due to its deepwater sheltered harbor,that supplanted nearby Quanzhou,the port that had been the center of the maritime trade with the Indies.

上海油压工作室  厦门是一个岛屿城市有丰富的和戏剧性的历史,充满了海盗,反对派领导人和欧洲商人。现在与大陆福建铜锣,厦门保留了强大的国际风味。在西方被称为厦门、厦门历史悠久的港口城市,后来成为英国在19世纪贸易中心。外国定居,后来被日本侵略者在第二次世界大战的开始,是建立在附近的小的鼓浪屿。西部的许多旧条约口岸和殖民建筑风格生存。厦门宣布中国首个经济特区之一,在1980年代早期,利用城市的遗产作为一个贸易中心和接近台湾。今天厦门是中国最有吸引力的和最好的度假胜地的城市之一。厦门成立于1394年年初明朝作为防御中心沿海海盗。它的繁荣是由于深水庇护港附近取代泉州港,西印度群岛的海上贸易的中心。

介绍厦门的英语作文 篇6

  Xiamen is China's first four special economic zones,it is Taiwanese,southern Jiangxi,southern Hunan to the east to the sea,the Pacific Rim will be developed into an international harbor.

  "City at sea,the sea in the city," Xiamen is a graceful charm of the "Sea Garden." Island,reef,rock,temple,flowers,wood backed each other,the hometown of overseas Chinese customs,practices Fujian and Taiwan,coastal cuisine,exotic blend of construction,year-round spring weather is more of the charm of the sea icing on the cake.Beautiful scenery and pleasant weather,it can be said here is the best environment for cities.Surrounded by sea water,broad sandy beaches,warm sunshine,as a good ecological environment,Xiamen's clean air,a habitat for hundreds of thousands of egrets,Xiamen has formed a unique natural landscape,since ancient times,Xiamen Egret is one of the major habitats,so Xiamen Also known as "Lu Dao"; in addition to the beautiful natural scenery,Xiamen's urban environment is also very clean,is well-known tourist city.


上海油压工作室  “城在海上,海在城中,“厦门是一个“海上花园的优雅魅力。“岛、礁、岩、寺、花、木相互支持,海外中国海关的家乡,实践福建和台湾沿海美食,充满异国情调的建筑融合,全年春天天气是大海的魅力锦上添花。美丽的风景和宜人的天气,这里可以说是最好的城市环境。被海水包围,宽阔的沙滩,温暖的阳光,良好的生态环境,厦门的空气清洁,成百上千的白鹭的栖息地,厦门已形成一种独特的自然景观,自古以来,厦门白鹭的主要栖息地之一,所以厦门也称为“陆道”;除了美丽的自然风光,厦门的城市环境也非常干净,是着名的旅游城市。