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  We left, ushered in ignorance of our youth. Youth, let us wantonly, Chang ran his mind, as the freedom to savor the wind, feeling as the cloud itself, because youth has given us the pinnacle of life, we do not mature, we are no longer ignorant, we only have persistence.


上海油压工作室  Life is the pursuit of the ideal, the ideal life is light, lost its lights, will lose the courage to live. Therefore, only by adhering to the lofty ideals of life, not only in the ocean of life lost. Tolstoy would be an ideal life into an ideal life, a phase of the ideal. The ideal of the year, a month, or even one hour a day, one minute. When you hear here, classmates, do you think of their own ideals?

  The flower of life is the spring of life, it is beautiful, but short-lived. As a college student should study hard in this period, to make progress, to find their own piece of the sky. The youth is the hope of the motherland, the future of the nation. Every man is the master of his own tomorrow.

  A philosopher said: "dream away a lot of road, or wake up in bed." it vividly tells us a truth: people cannot lie dream of the ideal life style. Yes, people not only have ideals, but also bold and fantasy, but also should try to do, in the ideal lay waiting for a new start, if not indefinitely, even already have will be lost. The students, whether you also dream of the ideal of a loss? The former goes, "interested person Li Zhi long, without the people who often aspire to, those people who" blog "is dream, is the so-called" ideal ", they painted their own blueprint for structure again Good, and then perfect, but also a castle in the air, mirage bale. The students, you are the people of long standing, or often determined people?

  Finally, I want to end today's speech with the words of Liang Qichao: "wisdom is wise young country, young are rich, junior strong Guoqiang, juvenile progress is progress in the country, juvenile male on earth, the country male on earth." let us spread a sweat, go all the way to drink, chewing with a hard, let it continues to burn under the red flag; let every young people embrace their ideals in life's journey to continue to ride the wind and waves to forge ahead!


上海油压工作室  A black boy in Wine factory guard oak his father. Every morning, he wipes a clean bucket, then the rows of neatly placed. Make him angry, often overnight, the wind took him neatly arranged barrel blown reel right and left.

上海油压工作室  The little boy was very sad and cried. The father touched the boy's head and said, "son, don't cry, we can find a way to conquer the wind"

  The little boy sat on the edge of the barrel and wiped the tears to think, think for a long time has finally come up with a solution, he from the edge of the well choose a barrel and a barrel of water, then pour them into the empty barrel, and then he was very upset to go home to bed. For second days, just before dawn the little boy, hurriedly climb up, he ran to the place where the vats, the oak a are arranged neatly, no one was blown over by the wind, no one has been blown crooked. The little boy laughed, he said to his father: "to wooden barrels to be blown, will increase the weight of the bucket." the boy's father smiled approvingly.

上海油压工作室  Yes, we can not change the wind, the world can not change a lot of things, but we can change ourselves, to increase their own, so that we can adapt to change, not to be defeated!

  Westminster Abbey in the basement, the tomb of an Anglican Bishop wrote such a sentence: when I was young and free and my imagination had no limits, I dreamed of changing the world. As I grew older and wiser, I discovered the world would not be changed, so I will focus on the so some, it only changed my country! But my country seems I cannot change. When I arrived in twilight years, in one last desperate attempt, I decided to change only my family, those closest to me, but alas! They don't accept change. Now I on his deathbed, I suddenly Realize: if I had only changed myself first, then by example I would have changed my family. Then, in their inspiration and encouragement, I may change my country. And then, who knows, maybe I can change the whole world.

上海油压工作室  Life is like water, people can only adapt to the environment. If you can't change the environment, change yourself, the only way to overcome more difficulties and overcome more setbacks, self realization. If can not see their own shortcomings and deficiencies, just blindly blame the environment, so as to change the situation of hope in the changing environment this is really, in vain.

  Although we can not change the world, but we can change ourselves, let us with love and wisdom to face all the environment


  At a seminar, a famous speaker didn't speak a prologue, but he held a $20 bill in his hand

  In the face of 200 people in the meeting room, he asked: "who wants this $20" one hand went up. Then he said: "I am going to put this $20 to one of you, but before that, please allow me to do one thing." he said the bill into a ball, and then asked: "who will" people are still held up his hand. He said: "so, if I do this" he threw the money on the ground, and set foot on one foot, and grinds it with the foot. Then he picked up the bill, the bill has become dirty wrinkled. "Now who also" there are still people who raised his hand. "My friends, you have a very interested The meaning of the class. No matter how I treat the money, you still wanted it because it did not fall, it is still worth $20. Life on the road, we will many times down by their own decision or encounter adversity, bullying or even grind to be smashed to pieces. We seem to feel worthless but no matter what happens. Or, what will happen, in the eyes of God, you will never lose your value. In his opinion, dirty or clean, neat clothing neat or not, you are still priceless "


上海油压工作室  Give up halfway

  During the Warring States Period (475-221BC), there was a man called Yue Yangzi in State Yue. One day he saw a piece of gold on the road and picked it up. He took it home and gave it to his wife. But his wife was not happy. The virtuous woman said, "I hear that a man of morality doesn't drink a thief's water and a man of probity refuses to accept alms. What do you think of the action of picking up another's lost valuable and possessing it for one's own?"

  Yue Yangzi, feeling ashamed, sent the gold back to where he found it.

  the next year, Yue Yangzi felt that he should go out and visit scholars to enrich his knowledge. So he set off.

  A year later, he came back home suddenly.

  "Why have you returned?" asked his wife in surprise, "You've only spent one year studying with scholars."

  "I come back because I missed you very much."

上海油压工作室  Without saying anything, his wife took a pair of scissors and went to the loom at which she had worked. Pointing at the half done brocade, she proclaimed : "This brocade is woven from the finest silk. I wove one strand after another to produce the brocade. Now if I cut it, all my previous work will be wasted. It's the same with your studies. You can acquire knowledge only through diligence. Now, you've stopped halfway. Isn't it the same as cutting the brocade on the loom?"

  Yue Yangzi was moved by what she said. He again left home to visit scholars. Several years later he became a learned man.




上海油压工作室  第二年,乐羊子离开家到了一个很远的地方,去拜师求学。


上海油压工作室  他的妻子听了以后,二话不说,拿起把剪刀走到她的织布机前。她指着那块已经完成了一半的锦缎说:"这块锦缎用的是最好的丝。我一丝丝的累积来织成这锦缎。如果我现在把它剪断,就等于前功尽弃。你求学也是这样。如果现在停止,和剪断织布机上的锦缎有什么区别?"




  The plum tree sacrifices itself for the peach tree-Sacrifice oneself for another person

  This idiom comes from a old folk song. the last two stanzas go like this:

  One family has five brothers, all serving to a minister as attendants. Every five days, they go back home for a reunion, decorating their horses and garments with shining gold. They vie with each other for ostentation and extravagance, attracting crowds of onlookers along the road.

  Now there is a peach tree by a well, and a plum tree next to it. When worms come to gnaw at the root of the peach tree, the plum tree invites them to gnaw at its own root. Finally, the plum dies, ossified.

  Even trees know how to sacrifice for other trees, why can't brothers do the same?


  这个成语来自于一首古老的民歌。 歌曲的最后两段说的是:



上海油压工作室  连树都知道为了别的树牺牲自己,为什么兄弟之间反而做不到呢?


Ladies and gentlemen:


  First of all I want to thank you very much host Sa Beining,thanks for inviting me to China column group,thank you for inviting me to participate in this program today,to share with you the story of my life.I want to share with you might not just about basketball,in fact,which can be applied to everyone#39;s work and life.No matter what profession you choose,as long as you have a dream we must dedicate ourselves to chase,to find your dream to pursue it.

上海油压工作室  I grew up in Detroit,civilian family,my father,who was a few words,he is a businessman,my father told me a very important point,which I saw from him,my father taught me,every day To dream of every effort.That is,after he gets up every day to wear clothes,he would tell himself,whether you are sick or you feel tired,but he always best.

  Many people think that one day I woke up to find themselves suddenly grow up to 2 m 05,I could have scored NBA is also very natural thing,but nobody recognizes become NBA players rely on the persistence and perseverance.In fact,I always rely on persistence and perseverance in the whole process only to make their dream of eventually entering the NBA.When I was 12 years old when my height is 1 m 8,was as thin as a pencil,does not want to be with a girl I was dating or kissing me because they think I looked funny.

  One day I chat with small partners,and I told them that one day I will go to the NBA game,you guess what they react,they laughed at me,they laughed at my dream.They told me that Sean you too thin,and you run fast,jump high is not enough,you absolutely can not go to the NBA to play,you absolutely can not fulfill your dreams.As a 12-year-old boy I heard so I feel very sad because they do not recognize my dream.So at that time I think I saw most of my own thoughts.Every morning I got up and looked in the mirror,I asked myself:Sean,you are ready every day?Today you have to make every effort to get close to dream a little,too.

  Brush your teeth in my sleep at night,I also looked in the mirror to ask myself,do not want to think yesterday,tomorrow,just think today I was not away from my dream,my goal from almost a little bit of it?Most of the time I can say yes.I have every day in practice continue to practice,I progress little by little,when I was fourteen years old,I would have been nearly two meters tall.After high school,I gradually began to succeed,then there is a basketball player named Chris Webber,he was the NBA#39;s first draft,so I was a high school,when I was fourteen or so,five years old people around me told me that you can not always as good as Chris,because Chris is very strong,but also a great effort,but you run fast,jumping ability does not work,you will never be his.But I was a kid,have heard such things,then how do I do it?

上海油压工作室  I looked in the mirror said to myself,"You know,just your own ideas is the most important",so I#39;ll continue to work hard.In my high school graduation,I want to prepare to go to college,and I#39;ve won three statewide winner,but I#39;m still the nation#39;s high schools throughout the year inside a star team,I was the most high school students nationwide great basketball player.

上海油压工作室  I later decided to enter into an American academic and college basketball very well,and that is Duke University.You certainly can not think of when I apply for Duke,people say to me.They say:"Oh,Sean,you#39;re a basketball playing well,but you#39;re in college,you should not be so good,because you slower,jump is not high,and you are not strong enough,you basketball consciousness is not strong enough."These words are my twelve years old,fourteen,five years old when I heard.So how do I do that before,I was standing in the mirror,I asked myself,are you ready?

  You go to those who question your proof that they are wrong,so I#39;ll continue to struggle.After the end of my four years of college,I decided to join the NBA.I went to the NBA,people questioned again,they said Shawn your college is a good player,but you definitely can not be a good professional player,it is very surprising,very shocking it.And how I do it?I looked in the mirror told myself:Now is the time you continue to work hard.

  So after twelve years,I stood in front of you,I#39;ve won two NBA championships,and I played in great teams there,and I make my dreams come true.I think my story,the most wonderful part is to tell you that is not what I woke up one night I went to the NBA arena,not the case.I have every small step along the way,until today#39;s success,I was squeezed off,someone said I was not good enough,some people say I will never succeed,when my success in basketball,people always want to call me a basketball star,but for my own words in addition to basketball there are a lot of things.

上海油压工作室  I am very lucky that my parents are very emphasis on my education,but I have some friends and teachers,they will say:"Sean,you do not need to be a good student,as long as you play good basketball on the line."I say,"No,I do not like this,I want to be a good student because I like to learn,like reading,I like to learn new things."the entire four years of high school in my time,my grades only got a B,the other is A.

  I remember when I was little also played football,was a great stadium,should be a similar tournament game,and still fresh.I was 12 years old,I was very nervous,I was afraid that they will make mistakes,but when I run with the ball always side kick,how far are running,you know my face is about sixty thousand spectators,I can not Faced with such a scene,I am sad to cry,but at least I tried,I tried,though I might fail,I fail in the harvest,may be greater than the gain from the success of the.

  My coach is one of the best the United States,he called Krzyzewski,he once said:"You#39;d better be ready the next game of the match,as on the basketball court,there are a lot of things will happen,for example,In the course of your dribble,suddenly what was tripped shoes,everyone laughing at you,so many TV stations in the country live your site for all to see,then,how would you do it?you you sit there crying,would say I was too ashamed tripped,everyone laughing at me?No,certainly not like this.then how should you do it?

上海油压工作室  you just stand up and continue to the next race,the next a game is the most important."I certainly want to be the next game in the tournament,which is a very important mode of thinking.If we are able to form such a mode of thinking,make you a lifetime,you will always be able to continue to lay a game.Seize the next opportunity,and the realization of the next target.When we have to have passion and enthusiasm to face the challenges before,and if you have been so insistent,you will definitely succeed,I#39;m sure you will succeed.

  I want to thank everyone arrived,we hope to be able to ask some very interesting questions,sharp gentle questions.Then I#39;m ready to answer your questions。

  thank you very much,thank you!


上海油压工作室  A broken mirror joined together

  During the Southern and Northern Dynasties (420-589), there lived a beautiful, intelligent princess name Lechang in the State Chen. She and her husband Xu Deyan loved each other dearly. But before long their country was in danger of being invaded by the troops of the Sui Dynasty. Princess Lechang and Xu Deyan had a premonition that their county would be occupied by the invaders and they would have to leave the palace and go into exile. During the chaos they might lose touch with each other. They broke a bronze mirror, a symbol of the unity of husband and wife into two parts and each of them kept a half. They aGREed that each would take their half of the mirror to the fair during the Lantern Festival, which is on the 15th day of the first Lunar month, in the hope that would meet again. When they were united the two halves would join together. Soon their premonition came true. During the chaos of war, the princess lost touch with her husband was taken to a powerful minister Yang Su's house and was made his mistress.

  At the Lantern Festival the next year, Xu Deyan took his half of the mirror to the fair. He hoped that he could meet his wife. It so happened that a servant was selling the other half of the bronze mirror. Xu Deyan recognized it immediately. He asked the servant about his wife. As he heard about her bitter experience, tears rolled down his cheeks. Xu Deyan wrote a poem on the half of the mirror kept by his wife: "You left me with your broken mirror Now the mirror is back but not you I can no longer see your reflection in the mirror Only the bright moon but not you" .

上海油压工作室  the servant brought back the inscribed half of the mirror to princess Lechang. For days, she could not help sobbing because she knew her husband was still alive and that he missed her but they could not meet forever.

  the minister, Yang Su, found this out. He was also moved by their true love and realized it was impossible to get Lechang's love. So he sent for Xu Deyan and allowed the husband and wife to reunite.

上海油压工作室  From that story comes the idiom "A broken mirror joined together".

  It is used to suggest the happy reunion of a separated couple.







上海油压工作室  Good morning, my dear teachers and friends!

  As the saying goes: one minute on the stage takes ten years. If a person is very successful, not someone to give, not to fall from the sky. Is to rely on their own efforts, hard work. Can be mainly from the hard work of learning is not to doubt.

  Each person#39;s ability is not born, but by their own hard work and come. For example, German mathematician, physicist and astronomer Gauss. He was very fond of learning from childhood, his life has made great contributions to science, but if he did not work hard to learn from his early age, he can not become a famous scientific giant. There is no achievement without hard work. There are a lot of examples of such examples, it can be said that every successful people have worked hard to learn, and strive to explore.

  The key to learning is to learn and to dare to learn. If your desire is to be a person of honor and respect, but you are not willing to, or dare not to learn will ultimately be nothing. Madame Curie and her husband to radium to prove the existence of hardships, braving the danger may lose their lives, through their diligence and effort eventually extracted one tenth of a gram of pure radium chloride and accurately determined the atomic weight, confirmed the existence of radium. This is a very amazing fact. It was Mrs. Curie#39;s willing to do, do it confirmed the existence of radium. Therefore, in order to become a talented person, we must be willing to learn, dare to learn.

上海油压工作室  Some people say that those with the talent and achievement grew up as a child prodigy like us to have what Egypt the idea is wrong, they are genius, prodigy, not born, but from diligent study. Study hard is a genius, a prerequisite for child prodigy. By scientists, people are different in intelligence, but only a little difference. So, genius, prodigy is relying on people to learn and become the diligent.

上海油压工作室  Can come from diligent study, Newton, Einstein, Edison, Zheng Banqiao, Bai Juyi#39;s example can prove this point. There are many great men for the benefit of mankind, also made a great contribution. Such as the works of Li#39;s "compendium of Materia Medica", he visited many places, through arduous efforts of 27 and wrote this masterpiece.

  Dickens said that I have harvested, is my kind of under. Everyone has a chance to become a talented person, it is to see you go not to fight for this opportunity. Can come from diligence. We must work hard to learn.So as a middle school students, we should be more efforts.

上海油压工作室  Thank you!


上海油压工作室Dear teachers, dear students:

上海油压工作室  hello everyone!

上海油压工作室  The topic of my speech is "the hardness of life"

上海油压工作室  The vast desert, a tree stand, the show is a monument to the image.

上海油压工作室  Towering mountains, thousands of tree stand up, as is a magnificent the Great Wall.

上海油压工作室  The long river, all the trees stood up into a dragon of glory.

上海油压工作室  We are a symbol of too much, and too much. But I believe that my image is not "the gentlest hands, skin, such as Diorskin" Lin Daiyu, nor is the modern "unkempt and shabby", "Su Qier". We are a symbol of hope and vitality. So we show in front of others should be ed without pleats, face without scale, modest and polite gestures exudes a stream of heroic spirit, the image of the vigor and vitality of the modern new youth, a into the embodiment of the spirit of nature.

上海油压工作室  Someone once said, life is a kind of hardness, integrity and dignity of life is propped up the hardness of bone. "Better life" and "the Kui back in the day, and not ashamed on the ground", which is always the traditional virtue of the China. Li Bai's "the eyebrow nengcui Zheyaoshan powerful thing, so that I may not be happy Yan" this awe inspiring atmosphere of the verse and whether it will make those no self-esteem people to shame? Loss of self-esteem is a worthless person, and we as the vanguard of the times, if drown in the darkness forever, or to do a dauntless hero, a flower in the wind and rain sonorous rose. The answer is self-evident.

  Desert desolate also has the monument stands, Castle Peak again proud, but also have the great wall around, the river again quiet, also there is a dragon in the recumbent. But the time can be changed, our image, our glory remains the same. Because we pride, because we are confident, because we have a fresh life. And because of this, it is a vast desert riparian long, Qingshan was evergreen, the hardness of life is forever.


  Be there just to make up the number

  During the Warring States Period (475-221BC), the King of the State of Qi was very fond of listening to yu ensembles. He often got together 300 yu players to form a grand music. The king treated his musician very well. A man named Nanguo heard about that and he managed to become a member of the band, even though he wan not good at playing the instrument at all. Whenever the band played for the king, Nanguo just stood in the line and pretended to play. Nobody realized he was making no sound at all. As a result, he enjoyed his treatment just as the other musician did. When the king died, his son became the new ruler who also liked the music played on the yu. However, he preferred solos so that he ordered the musicians to play the yu one by one. Therefore, Nanguo had to run out of the palace.

上海油压工作室  the idiom "Be there just to make up the number" is used to mock someone who passes for a specialist. You can also hear people saying it about themselves to show their modesty.



  "滥竽充数"这个成语用来嘲笑那些没有真正才干,混在行家里的人。 人们有时也用"滥竽充数"来表示自谦。